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Nerdy and badass. Sensitive and tough. A walking contradiction.(Please enjoy this temporary website as I try to revive my wordpress website at a new host. I'm a nerd, but not a good internet nerd)Actors Access


Acting demo, VO demo, stunt/action demo



Video Game: Andrea Toyias, Victoria Atkin (PCap), Mela Lee (PCap), Cissy Jones, Kal-El Bognadove, Michael Antonakos (PCap), Patricia Summersett, Roger Clark (PCap), Courtenay Taylor, Elias Toufexis (PCap), Kevin McMullan, D’Arcy Smith, Julia Bianco Schoeffling (PCap), Zach Betka, Amanda Wyatt, Ivy Isenberg, Tony Grinage, Kim Hurdon, Tom Keegan (PCap), Brian Sommer (GVAA), Pascal Langdale, Richard Dorton (PCap), Andrea Toyias, Keith AsackAnimation: Mela Lee, Michael Leon Woolley, Julie Nathanson, Bob Bergen, Jennifer Trujillo, Aaron Drown, Sara Jane Sherman, VoiceMasters levels 1 & 2 (Mimi Maynard, Paulette Lifton, Ashley Bornancin), Mami Okada , Colleen O’Donnell, Kristin Paiva, Kim Hurdon, Kerri-Anne LavinCommercial: Mike Vaughn, Tina MorascoPromo: Joyce Castellanos, Jeff Howell (GVAA)Voice Matching / ADR / Looping/ Dubbing: Johnny Gidcomb, Renee Johnson, Ben Hoppe, Paulette Lifton (Voice Masters levels 1 & 2). Jeff Howell (Meet the Pros/GVAA)

When people say nice things and I remember to write it down
(aka testimonials)

"You're really really, really good and I wouldn't bullshit you"
-Tina Morasco (VO CD, VO actor)
"That was very, very impressive... I couldn't even breathe watching you do that I was just flabberhasted, so well done, well fucking done"
-Andrea Toyias (CD & Voice Director, Activision/Blizzard Entertainment)
"Great work, really really good job. Awesome use of the re-direct"
-Kal-El Bogdanove (Voice Director)
"Really great job, really great adjustment"
-Aaron Drown (CD, Disney TVA)
"She has so much talent, all she has to do is believe in herself and go for it... she's got a lot of nuance"
-Mimi Maynard (Voice Actor, Voice Director, producer, and teacher @ VoiceMasters)
"You can do gameplay extremely well... You're clearly very elastic in your performance and whenever I give youa note you run and you get there... you can really turn your performance on its head [and] it's a strong trait, so really nice job"
-Zach Betka (Narrative Lead @EA (Formerly @ Riot)
"I really fell in love with that [moment from your read]. That was SO good and I can't emphasize that enough. If anyone takes anything away from today I would shine the spotlight on that [moment in your read]."
-Kevin McMullan (Voice Director)


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Phirgun Mair Worldwide (NM)
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